Eternal Crisis Outreach


Eternal Crisis Outreach is an IOP Provider (ASAM I.II)

Intensive Outpatient Programs or IOPs are treatment programs that are used to target addictions, depression, eating disorders, or other dependencies that do not need detoxification or 24/7 supervision. IOP therapy allows the patient to have a more normal daily routine. IOP therapy is also a more science-based approach to addiction recovery. However, outpatient treatment isn’t right for every rehab attendee.


  • Assessments/Evaluations
  • Substance Abuse/Mental Health Counseling
  • Trauma Counseling
  • CPST-PSR (Community Psychiatric Support and Treatment Psychosocial Rehab for children only)
  • Decision making, SASAP, Parenting Skills
  • Community Service Agency
  • Wraparound & Recovery Support Services
  • UDS, DWI/DUI Classes
  • Anger Management
  • Job Readiness & Retention, Life skills
  • GED/TABE Test Prep
  • Comprehensive Youth Services
  • Referrals, Educational Workshops
  • Transportation
  • Case Management, Care Coordination
  • Approved Education Provider (AEP)
  • Licensed SAP (DOT) Staff
  • 16 Bed ETH for Males


Licensed through the Department of Health and Hospitals [DHH]

Private Pay

Evaluation & Assessment $150

Individual Classes $50

8 Hour Classes $300

Urine Drug Screen $20

Individual, Family, Group Counseling, CPST-PSR
Or will use a sliding scale based on income

Adults and Adolescents
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Counseling

Need Community Service?

ECO is a Community Service site for individuals needing community service hours. We are listed on Juvenile Services, Baton Rouge, City and (19th) Nineteenth JDC courts.

Monday – Thursday 8:30 am – 8:00 pm

Friday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Tasks include: Clerical Work, Community Outreach, Environmental Services, Maintenance, General Labor, Landscaping, Tutoring, etc.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of addiction counseling is to help the client achieve and maintain abstinence from addictive chemicals and behaviors. The secondary goal is to help the client recover from the damage the addiction has done to the client’s life.

Agents of Change

As an supplement to the counseling model, the client must take responsibility for working a program of recovery. Although recovery is ultimately the client’s task, he or she is encouraged to get a great deal of support from others such as the client’s counselors, treatment staff, sponsor, drug free or recovering peers, and family members.

Clues to Substance Abuse

The counselor will perform the following behavioral tasks:

Hours of Operation

Services Offered

Conception of Drug Abuse/
Addiction Causative Factors

Drug abuse is thought to be a multi determined, mal-adaptive way of coping with life problems that often becomes habitual and leads to a progressive deterioration in life circumstance. Habituation of drug abuse is addiction, seen as a disease in its own right, which damages the addict physically, mentally, and spiritually. Causation is not a prominent focus of treatment.

Values and Guiding Principles

Eternal Crisis believes that every individual has the right to services that are comprehensive culturally competent, and family-centered.

Several Typical Session
Topics or Themes

Treatment is conceptualized as occurring in stages. The first stage includes denial and motivation.

The next stage, early
abstinence, includes issues of:

Addiction and associated symptoms
People, places, and things.
Structure of personal time.
High-risk situations.
Compulsive sexual behavior.
Post-acute withdrawal symptoms.
Use of other drugs (other than the primary addiction).
Self-help participation.

The next stage, maintaining
abstinence, includes:

The relapse progress and tools for preventing it.
Relationships in recovery.
Development of a drug-free lifestyle
Shame and guilt
Personal inventory
Character defects
Identification and fulfillment of needs
Anger management
Relaxation and leisure time
Employment and finances
Transference of Addictive behaviors

Young Adult Interns

Our interns become versed in various areas of mental health and drug rehabilitation services.  They develop experience in non-profit operations as well.  Take a second to hear from our 2023 intern.