Eternal Crisis Outreach

Eternal Crisis Outreach
"We specialize in excellence"


ECO is a 501 (C3) non-profit agency established since June 5, 2006 (community based)  with Articles of Incorporation procured on June 28, 1995. 
ECO is comprised of a Board of Directors.  Visit our About page for details.

Resident Rules

All residents are required to work full time. If not working, they must be looking for employment and attending AA/NA/CA meetings. Residents are responsible for preparing their own breakfast and lunch. Residents will be assigned weekly chores/duties.


Residents have access to bus routes which are conveniently located near the resident. Residents will have assistance with obtaining medical transportation if eligible.

Residents are allowed to use their personal vehicles after a thirty-day-probationary period as long as they have held a job for two weeks and having savings of $300.


Upon securing employment, residents will be required to save 80% of their monthly income.


Alcohol and possession or the use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Random drug screenings will be performed at Program’s discretion.

Mental Health

We accomplish our mission through the provision of mental health and substance abuse clinical treatment and support such as intake and assessment services, individual and group counseling, case management, temporary support housing, prescription medication assistance and other community support services.